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>here's some context for you

///do people even read these?

In a war ruined country, some scientists tried to create the perfect soldier, but they didn't want humans to fight the wars; so, they started to experiment on bears! But when their studies finally culminated on the most intelligent bear soldier, it didn't want any part of that, so BomBear is trying to escape the lab and its creator.

>so, we've heard you like rocket jumping...

///then fly away, you little bear

Ever wanted to be a bear with a backpack? Well, there you go! Use bombs to rocket jump your way out of levels, pick power crystals to unlock the doors, while simultaneously avoiding death at the hands of mysterious red shiny traps.

BomBear is a hectic, quick paced, mechanic and control based game, where either you think fast, or you die. Whether or not you're speedrunning this game, you'll be at the edge of your seat each time a boom goes off. Do you think you have what it takes to escape the lab?


Code: @KerseiGameDev (Rafael Balbuena)

Art: @i_am_thirteen (Daniel Marques)

Sound: @tophtacular  (Christopher Anselmo)

with a special thanks to the /r/GameMaker Discord Server.


BomBear Demo Installer 11 MB
BomBear Demo zip 10 MB

Development log


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Can't wait to see the full release. It's been a good challenge. :)

windows says this game might put computer in risk why???


I assure you that the game is just a game, I uploaded a zip version for those that have problems with the installer.