After the demo

Hello guys,

I wanted to talk a little about what happened after the demo and why I don’t post that much. By the time I’m writing this the demo has had 71 downloads which I think is great (I would love to have more but still), but also we have received some pretty useful feedback what was the main reason to make a demo in the first place. After that I’ve been using that feedback to try to make a better game and to create a better experience, part of that was to remake some levels (some of them just had minor changes) and to improve the controls. All of those things are great and really fun to do, the only problem is that it leaves me with almost nothing to show you. So idk when I’m going to show you new things but I’ll try to keep my devlog up to date.

See you soon (I hope).

P.S. You can catch more info on my Twitter and my Tumblr.

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